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"I help people optimise their health, fitness level, body composition, sports performance and injury rehabilitation, by designing for them a personalised plan of action according to their specific needs, utilising a holistic approach by combining exercise prescription, nutrition and habits coaching. I use a behavior-based model that emphasizes skill building, daily practice and a progressive series of actions”.

Sebastian is our Centre Manager and Wellness Coach at Health Quarters.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Sports & Physical Activity, postgrad certificate in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. In combination with certifications in Nutrition, NLP, management, and over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness area, he designs our holistic wellness programs leading our multidisciplinary team health & fitness practitioners.


Also, during lockdown (COVID-19) he crafted the HQ App, making health and fitness accessible for people all over the world.


Sebastian offers a free initial consultation to help you get started.


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