Behaviour Change - Psychologist

“I am a registered psychologist, a certified personal trainer, and a big believer of living life “the middle way.” The middle way is a theory of moderation and balance. The middle way teaches that one can have too much or too little of something, and that we can find our contentment somewhere in between the two extremes. I have a passion for helping others to achieve their goals, to have a balanced lifestyle and to be a better version of themselves. With my background in behaviour modification, health and fitness, I can support you to become that person who you aspire to be.”

​Ploy is originally from Bangkok, having moved to New Zealand in 2001 where she began her secondary education in Rotorua. Ploy graduated from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc), a Master of Applied Psychology (MAppPsy), specialised in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology (PGDipPracPsych).

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a scientific approach to understanding and changing human behaviour. The approach helps us to understand:


  • How behaviour works

  • How behaviour is affected by the environment

  • How learning takes place


The goal of ABA is to increase behaviours that are helpful and decrease behaviours that are not helpful or affect learning.

Ploy is also a certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT), a competitive bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast!! Ploy’s hobbies involve anything and everything health and fitness related. Her new-found hobby is Olympic weightlifting, where she gets to improve her balance, stability, mobility and motor control to safely complete advanced lifts. Ploy approaches fitness as a life long behaviour modification where she continuously improves herself, not on just the way she looks but also on the way she feels.

Currently, Ploy works for a private organisation that provides specialist behaviour support services to children and adults with challenging behaviours, and their family. Ploy’s role is to identify the cause and to develop proactive strategies to reduce the impact it has on their lives.

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