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"I help people with fitness, injury rehabilitation or sports performance goals, by designing for them a personalised plan of action according to their specific needs, utilising a holistic approach by combining exercise prescription, nutrition and mindset coaching.”

Sebastian is our Centre Manager, Fitness and Wellness Coach at Health Quarters. He has been working as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach for more than 10 years. Passionately helped more than 1000 people to reach their goals, he strongly believes in science when designing training programs, continuously researching and integrating the most recent methods that will have an effective impact on performance, metabolism and overall well-being.


Sebastian has a Bachelor degree in Physical Activity and postgrad certificate in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Combining this with a solid knowledge in Sports Nutrition, he established HQ - Nutritional Cafe. He helps people coaching nutrition and changing lifestyle habits to optimise health and create body transformations.

Sebastian is available in Health Quarters studio to help you with your health and fitness journey utilising a holistic approach. He offers a complimentary consultation to help you find out your potential going through a coaching session and biomechanical assessment, in order to create a personalised plan of action to reach your goals.


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