Centre Manager - Wellness Coach





"I help people with fitness, injury rehabilitation or sports performance goals, by designing for them a personalised plan of action according to their specific needs, utilising a holistic approach by combining individualised exercise prescription and nutrition coaching.”

Sebastian is our Centre Manager, Fitness and Wellness Coach at Health Quarters.

He has a Bachelor degree in Physical Activity and postgrad certificate in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Combining this with a solid knowledge in Sports Nutrition, he established HQ - Nutritional Cafe. 


He strongly believes in evidence-based practice when designing plan of actions, integrating scientific data, professional experience and the individual needs and preferences of each client. He has been working as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach for over 10 years passionately helping people to reach their fitness and wellbeing goals. 


Sebastian offers a free wellness consultation to help you get started. Book online - selecting "Introductory Consultation" or leave a message with your contact details.


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