High Performance Coach





"I help people to achieve there personal 100% more often and for longer. For that purpose I use the – Athletes Excellence Training – AET model for training, communication trainings and systemic coaching. The goal is to become the best performer you can be through balancing Performance – Emotions – Thinking. This model helped athletes, artists and managers of all levels."

Klaus is our performance coach coming from brain fitness. Klaus worked successful at both, the tennis ATP – Tour and the tennis WTA – Tour including the work with the 2011 winner of the ASB – CLASSICS in Auckland Greta Arn. He enjoyed also the work on an opera stage with an amazing singer.

Klaus mentor was Dr. Jim Loehr (USA) one of the most recognized sport psychologists. Another important teacher was Prof. DR. DR. Fritz Simon (Germany), who trained Klaus in systemic coaching and communications.

In New Zealand Klaus helped, several athletes to become more successful, managers to deal better with stress and communication, he did workshops for different professions. Klaus journey made him work at a lot of different sports and professions.

Athletes said: in gyms we get fit, Klaus helps that the fitness lasts longer.