"I help people to find their energy, balance hormones, cope better with stress, support digestive health & detoxification using a holistic approach to your wellbeing, to allow you to find and maintain better health, energy, laughter, and joy once more."


Serina is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath, & Medical Herbalist who specialises in holistic wellbeing  (looking at the whole you) with her special interest being in Endocrine, Nervous System, Reproductive & Digestive Health.  


Being a mother herself she understands how small changes in your own health can make such dramatic changes to your whole family.  It is with this purpose that she works holistically creating a plan for you based on lifestyle, nutrition and improving the function of all your organ systems, she offers continued support to help you achieve the health and lifestyle you have always wanted.

Since her early twenties, she has naturally been drawn to natural health.  Her starting point was realising that she had learnt nothing about nutrition during my teenage years and had to give myself a quick crash course, which started her passion of reading as many health books as she could find, she then began working in a natural skincare shop learning and becoming fascinated with aromatherapy, the chemical load of many products and what ingredients and labels really mean.  From there she started making her own products as a hobby and continuing to read as much as she could on nutrition, medicinal herbs, and natural home remedies.  

After the birth of her daughter and her husband’s life-changing accident in 2007 she realised that life is short and you should do what you want with it!  This was a huge learning curve but gave her the courage to return to school and complete a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, she learnt about goal setting and following her dreams rather than just talking about it.

After great experience working in Health Shops directly with customers she challenged herself and in 2015, she opened the Natural Family Health Clinic so she could help clients working as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.  She loves listening to clients, helping them set goals, overcome obstacles, find a great life & nutrition balance. She loves watching clients become healthier and happier and she is very excited to help you and your family enjoy a healthier happier life.


Contact Serina

HQ Downtown - 67 Willow Street, Tauranga 3110                                                                                           we@healthquarters.co.nz  Te Puna - 17b Minden Road, 3172