Hi, I'm Amy Allport (BSc, MSc). I'm a scientifically driven nutritionist dedicated to helping you reach your goals using healthy and individually appropriate strategies. I specialise in sport, exercise and physique based nutrition, always with a focus on healthy mind, healthy body. 

I can help with
• Diagnosed health conditions (diabetes, PCOS, CVD etc.)
• Weight loss.
• Muscle gain 
• Physique transformation/bodybuilding.
• Sport specific performance. (Boxing, rowing, triathlons, runners, squash, Waka ama etc).
• Emotional / behavioural dietary issues.
• Diagnosed nutritional deficiencies
• Special dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances, vegan etc).

I never give out generic food plans and instead work with my clients to improve knowledge and confidence around food choice. It's an education service that will serve you well throughout your health journey and for the rest of your life. If you're serious about changing your health and reaching your goals I can give you the tools to make it happen. 

I studied in my mother country of England. I have a degree in Nutrition and Health, a Masters degree in Sports Nutrition, 8 years of experience in the fitness, health and wellbeing industry and countless happy kiwi clients I have helped regain health and confidence in their pursuit for change. 

If you want my help please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm taking appointments from October 2nd, every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Health Quarters. 


Contact Amy

HQ Downtown - 67 Willow Street, Tauranga 3110                                                                                           we@healthquarters.co.nz  Te Puna - 17b Minden Road, 3172