Classes in Tauranga Downtown - 67 Willow Street

Not sure where to start?

Get started with a complimentary one on one intro-session where we will plan your journey to health and fitness.

Training Philosophy


We work on a program of unique progressions and regressions, so everyone works to their own individual levels of skills, ability and efficiency. Does not matter the fitness level, there is always some variation of exercise to start building up.


STRENGTHEN: Strength is the base of all motor skills. When combined with controlled primal movements and mindful technique allows our body to relearn movement patterns while lowering the risk of injuries in sports and every day life tasks. Sessions with low impact, this the safest approach to exercise but not only for beginners.


PERFORM: Combination of training methods - HIIT and circuit training, to reach maximum fat burn and improve your cardiovascular system. Medium impact.

ALIGN - YOGA: An ancient system of physical postures, breathing techniques and mind body relaxation.

RUNNING TEAM: Focused on the elementals of running form and increase aerobic capacity from 0 to maximum potential.


The practice of maintaining a non-judgmental state of heightened awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment to moment basis. 


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