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"I help people by thoroughly assessing each client's suitability for osteopathic treatment and/or specialist medical referral. This will include a detailed case history, physical examination and a clear working diagnosis. "

Brad is a registered osteopath from Mount Maunganui. He has a Master of Osteopathy from Unitec Auckland and a Diploma in Fitness Training from Auckland University of Technology. He has spent his time practising between the Bay of Plenty region and Sydney, Australia. 


Brad treats a broad variety of conditions ranging from acute sporting injuries to those involving chronic pain and disability. He is primarily a structural osteopath that uses a combination of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation to achieve results. Brad also specialises in rehabilitation and exercise prescription and commonly uses this to build personalised programmes.  


Before pursuing a career in osteopathy Brad was a medic in New Zealand’s army.


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