"I help people who want to help themselves by teaching them how to breathe well, move well, and get stronger-which ultimately means less pain and more freedom. My goal is to give you the tools so you can take control of pain and injuries, and stop relying on being "fixed" by any health practitioner."

Marcel is a registered Physiotherapist with over 12 years experience.  He has a postgraduate certificate in Western Acupuncture and Human Nutrition.  He is the only physiotherapist in New Zealand trained in both the Postural Restoration and Human Matrix approach. These approaches integrate breathing, mobility and strength in a simple but very effective way.  He has found this to improve clients results and make lasting changes.  He is also trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, which aims to identify and address the underlying causes of chronic health issues. 

Marcel is available in clinic to provide an in-depth assessment of your injury, pain or general health issue.


Marcel lives in Mount Maunganui with his wife Julia (who is also a physio) and his two daughters, Flo and Mabel.  He loves hanging out with his family, surfing, music and learning about health.  He has a passion for getting to the underlying cause of a health or pain issue whenever possible, which is the result of overcoming his own health and pain challenges.


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